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Sectyr® is an innovative compliance software company dedicated to addressing the compliance obstacles FQHC’s face through specialized software solutions.

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Sectyr® knows that Federally Qualified Health Centers have unique challenges like:

  • Keeping up with HRSA’s complex and changing requirements
  • An overabundance of tasks for a limited number of staff
  • Needing to find ways to do more with less to protect tight financial resources
FQHC Software
  • LicenseTrak™ with AutoVer automates primary source verification of licenses and certifications for staff and facilities keeping you compliant with HRSA’s credentialing requirements.
  • LicenseTrak™ Accreditation enables efficient management of complex accreditation requirements by streamlining the assignment, scheduling, and documentation of operational tasks to ensure everything is being addressed and nothing is missed.
  • LicenseTrak™ Incident Management standardizes clinical, non-clinical and patient feedback incident reporting in an easy-to-follow workflow creating efficiencies for your team.
  • SectyrHub® 330 streamlines OSV prep and FTCA applications, saving time for your staff and allowing you to achieve continuous compliance with HRSA’s requirements.
  • SectyrHub® 340B standardizes workflows for auditing and reporting allowing you to optimize and grow your 340B Program while maintaining HRSA audit-ready compliance.
  • SectyrHub® Risk Assessment (RA) simplifies your annual HIPAA Risk Assessment and automatically generates workplans to guide improvements, all with existing internal resources.

Achieve Continuous Program Compliance® with Sectyr® so you can focus on your mission to help the communities you serve!

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FQHC Compliance Software Solutions

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