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Sectyr® Introduces Machine Learning and Critical Insights Functionality to Manage Complex 340B Programs in Latest Release of SectyrHub® 340B

Continuous Program Compliance takes a large technology leap forward

Scottsdale, AZ. (February 12, 2021) Sectyr®, a leading provider of 340B Program management solutions, today announced the latest release of the SectyrHub® 340B Program compliance tool, featuring the industry’s first commercially available Artificial Intelligence workflow using Machine Learning components to analyze 340B drug claims transactions for program compliance. Adding this new technology to the product’s already powerful automated workflows, documentation management, collaborative tasking solutions and deficiency resolution makes the job of 340B Program compliance easier and more efficient.

Craig Frost, President and COO: “We are very excited to add this functionality to our current compliance platform. The inclusion of machine learning capability will allow our customers to gain critical insights when looking at 340B transactions. Normally this work is performed manually, and now this best practice is rapidly becoming the cornerstone of 340B program management.”

James Lawson, Founder and CEO: “Our talented development teams working with industry experts and evolving toolsets have allowed us to leap forward with the ability to analyze large data sets to identify and target transactions that require review and auditing. It is exciting to apply this rapidly evolving technology to our already comprehensive toolset with the sole intent on making our customer’s job easier.”

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