SectyrHub® RA/BA

HIPAA Compliance Software

SectyrHub® RA/BA is a security and privacy compliance management system that provides healthcare organizations and business associates a centralized platform to complete self-assessments using guided workflows.

Sectyr Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

The Challenge –

Privacy and security risk management is one of the most challenging and time-consuming responsibilities. You are responsible for ensuring your organization is compliant with the privacy and security rules, knowing that failure to comply can result in monetary fines and negative press for your organization.

The Solution –

SectyrHub® privacy and security risk module provides intuitive, yet comprehensive workflow processes to support all teams associated with privacy and security risk management. 

SectyrHub® has created a workflow that allows you to document compliance in accordance with state and federal guidelines. Having a centralized process within SectyrHub® allows your organization to collaborate and delegate tasks to those team members (compliance, privacy, legal, information technology, etc.) responsible for the protection of health information adapt quickly to the questionnaire workflow and SectyrHub® dashboard monitoring tools and compliance reporting.

Business Associate Management

Vendor Relationships

The Challenge –

The HIPAA Omnibus Rule of 2013 has a significant effect on business associates and business associate agreements. You work with hundreds, maybe thousands of business associates and are responsible for assessing and monitoring the risk associated with doing business with each vendor and/or service provider to protect patient privacy.

Organizations must continually review whether they have added new vendor systems or formed affiliations such as a new outpatient/surgery centers or medical practices. Any new technology or addition of service providers needs to be accounted for and could affect how an audit is conducted.

The Solution –

SectyrHub® 3rd party relationships provides a collaborative approach for your organization and your business partners to evaluate, address, monitor and maintain compliance at all levels of risk and sensitivity. Having vendor contact information, completed questionnaires with associated risk levels and agreements online ensures you are well prepared for an audit.

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