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Strengthening 340B Program Integrity to Improve Accountability and Confidence

Ted Slafsky, Publisher & CEO, 340B Report
Craig Frost, President & COO, Sectyr
William von Oehsen, Principal at Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC

The integrity of the 340B drug discount program is under a microscope.  Two states have recently passed laws requiring 340B providers to report on how they are utilizing their savings and national legislation has passed a key committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. Covered entities must act now to demonstrate that they are good program stewards and be prepared for additional reporting requirements.

This webinar series sheds light on one of the most pressing questions of the day: How to improve the accountability of the 340B program and give policymakers and industry stakeholders greater confidence in its oversight. In it we discuss these issues and the role continuous 340B program compliance plays in ensuring program integrity. 

Part 1:

Panelists Ted Slafsky, Publisher & CEO of 340B Report, and Craig Frost, Sectyr President & COO, provide an update on new reporting requirements and the role continuous 340B program compliance plays in ensuring program integrity. (Recorded live Sep 13, 2023)

Topics addressed in Part 1: 
  • Why program accountability and confidence are in question
  • Status of House accountability legislation and review of new state reporting laws
  • The Senate RFI: how we got here, what it means
  • What we can expect will come next
  • Why continuous program compliance is critical to ensuring program integrity
Part 2:

Panelists Bill von Oehsen, Principal, Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC, and Craig Frost, Sectyr President & COO, discuss the past, present and future of the 340B compliance and what Covered Entities can do to ensure continuous compliance. (Recorded live Oct 24, 2023)

Topics addressed in Part 2: 
  • How has the job of managing 340B compliance changed over time?
  • How might federal and state legislative and policy changes impact compliance management?
  • Where does responsibility for 340B compliance truly lie?

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This webinar is limited to 340B covered entities and 340B service companies.

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