Sectyr Compliance Software


SectyrHub® – Software for Continuous Program Compliance

SectyrHub® strengthens your compliance posture by providing the SaaS platform to readily manage compliance requirements through proprietary guided workflows. With dedicated compliance software solutions specific to 330 program management, 340B Program management, and HIPAA compliance assessments, your healthcare organization can have newfound confidence in audit-readiness.

SectyrHub® 330

With 330-specific dashboards and deficiency tracking, SectyrHub® 330 provides health centers with the framework to manage and protect their 330 programs, before, during and beyond the Operational Site Visit.

SectyrHub® 340B

SectyrHub® 340B compliance software is a SaaS solution with logic-based 340B-specific workflows that give users the ability to efficiently manage their 340B Program.

SectyrHub® RA

SectyrHub® RA is a SaaS workflow solution that strengthens your compliance posture by enabling best practices and benchmarking consistent with HIPAA/HITECH requirements.

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Manage efficient and continuous program compliance™

Operating in compliance with government regulation and maintaining auditable records is crucial to the preservation and growth of revenue streams that impact how healthcare organizations provide patient care.

As organizations face challenges such as limited resources and ever-changing regulations, Sectyr® delivers software tools to manage the on-going compliance journey.