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Intrepid USA saves hours of work, prevents financial penalties by managing licenses with SectyrHub LicenseTrak

Intrepid USA, Inc., which does business as Intrepid USA Healthcare Services, is a national company with a local perspective, providing personal care, healthcare at home, palliative and supportive care, and hospice-at-home services. Intrepid provides care through more than 60 care centers across 14 states. To keep patients living independently in their homes, Intrepid offers an array of services (e.g., pre-, and post-operative care, hygiene, companionship, medication management, housekeeping, and hospice). According to Intrepid’s website, employees and leaders commit themselves to a comprehensive compliance program including education, training, and monitoring for delivering quality services.

Sectyr SectyrHub LicenseTrak Customer Success Story - Intrepid USA, Inc.

Before implementing SectyrHub® LicenseTrak® compliance management software, Intrepid staff members say the company relied on computer spreadsheets and handwritten reminders. At each of the Texas-based company’s locations, an Intrepid staffer would have to enter a primary contact for a business license, document the status, and monitor expiration dates. The process was tedious and time-consuming. For a client like a hospice, Intrepid USA would have to keep notes on when, for instance, a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments waiver might expire, so employees could continue point-of-care testing.

In 2021, Intrepid USA began using SectyrHub LicenseTrak Software to track and document its licenses, waivers, incidents, and other compliance items for its staff and care centers. Leading the implementation of LicenseTrak for Intrepid was Carolyn Williams, RN, CHC, who serves as Intrepid’s enterprise director of Clinical Excellence and Compliance and Jeff Dietz, a compliance analyst. With Williams and Dietz, Intrepid began automating its license tracking protocols. Williams leads Intrepid’s compliance efforts including clinical and regulatory compliance, governance matters, HIPAA, and security protocols. She came to Intrepid with over 25 years of experience in home health compliance and is certified in healthcare compliance by the Healthcare Compliance Association. Dietz joined Intrepid with over 20 years of experience in home health operations including efficiently managing the licensure lifecycle from initiation to daily management, making him a uniquely qualified resource to run Intrepid’s licensure program.

Williams, Dietz, and their colleagues access SectyrHub LicenseTrak daily to report on a variety of details including document findings and alerts including which licenses, certifications, and waivers may soon expire. The software automatically keeps tabs on Intrepid’s business licenses; once Intrepid’s staff tags a license in the system, the software sends an email to an Intrepid staff member well in advance of the business license expiration. The staff member can then renew the license before it lapses, which prevents monetary penalties that, if not resolved quickly, can lead to compounded interest. Dietz says SectyrHub LicenseTrak has also streamlined the way he accounts for and manages licenses Intrepid holds with a half dozen state Departments of Health and the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

“With LicenseTrak, we’re saving a minimum of three or four hours a week keeping track of licenses, CLIA waivers . . . you name it,” says Dietz. “Before LicenseTrak, we had no easy way to report on all this. Now if a coworker, care center, or a hospice agency wants to know whether we’ve renewed a license or waiver, we can easily see it’s happened and report on it.”

Intrepid taps into SectyrHub LicenseTrak to add notes, check the status of an item, or run a report on incidents ranging from initiating care in a timely manner to a patient requesting a billing statement. According to Dietz, Intrepid also turns to SectyrHub LicenseTrak to support billing and collections as well as incident management. Intrepid’s Revenue Cycle department optimizes how the company generates revenue and ensures compliance with an array of regulations.

“Say we’re billing Medicaid, and they deny our claim because they think we’re a non-participating provider, our internal Revenue Cycle Team can go into LicenseTrak and pull a revalidation, which streamlines the process for getting Intrepid paid,” Dietz notes.

“LicenseTrak has made me look like a shining star,” says Dietz. “I couldn’t imagine renewing and updating our licenses by hand, with spreadsheets, notes and emails.”

Williams adds, “LicenseTrak has made my team’s job easier by tracking and reporting on complaints and incidents by month, date, or year. Spreadsheets can’t produce reports like LicenseTrak.”

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