SectyrHub™ 340B

SectyrHub 340B Software Solution

SectyrHub™ 340B is a SaaS software solution with logic-based 340B-specific workflows that give users the ability to efficiently manage their 340B Program. Meeting HIPAA requirements, the solution stores all HRSA-related requirements and expectations for audits, recertifications, and corrective action plans in one central location.

340B Program integrity and maintaining accurate records to document compliance is overwhelming. We recognize that many organizations rely upon the benefits of 340B to provide care to the underserved in their communities but lack the necessary resources to manage their 340B Programs.

Maintain a constant state of readiness, so when your HRSA audit letter comes you are prepared.

Whether you are a service provider or covered entity hospital, health center, Ryan White grantee, or specialized clinic – SectyrHub 340B will be the most organized and efficient member of your 340B compliance team.

SAVE TIME by automating the tedious process of ensuring OPAIS is accurate and up-to-date.

BE PREPARED for your 340B recertification and potential HRSA or manufacturer audits by keeping all documentation in one place. The SectyrHub 340B dashboard tracks your program status and stores the required data so it is readily available.

OPTIMIZE AND GROW your 340B Program with more time back in your day. You and your team are able to focus on outreach efforts within your community, leading to increased 340B savings.


  • Dynamic OPAIS Lists prompt users to evaluate OPAIS accuracy
  • Identify changes to your program’s OPAIS records (such as DEA pharmacy address overrides) next day
  • Discover contract pharmacies missing from Pharmacy Services Agreements


  • Securely store historical and current Pharmacy Services Agreements, Policies and Procedures, as well as required documents specific for your entity type
  • Document independent external audits online
  • Centrally manage each step of the HRSA audit


  • Receive automated compliance alerts and tasks notifications
  • Alert designated staff of pending HRSA audits while providing a guided workflow of requirements and expectations so you are fully prepared


  • View overall status of compliance requirements and key upcoming dates for annual recertification and HRSA audits
  • Track deficiencies in your 340B Program at a system or covered entity level


Transform the way you handle compliance for your 340B Program.

We understand that the true significance of 340B Program compliance means having the ability to provide care for vulnerable patient populations. By utilizing your savings to improve and expand access to pharmaceuticals and other patient care services, your organization acts as a steward for your community. We believe your organization deserves a software tool to guide your on-going compliance journey.

Learn how SectyrHub 340B can help your organization.