May 12, 2017

Software Solutions

SectyrHub RA/BA

SectyrHub RA/BA™ Software Intuitive healthcare compliance workflow solution

Finally, a solution that is intuitive, yet comprehensive enough to meet HIPAA/HITECH requirements in the areas of security compliance, privacy compliance, breach notification and business partner risk. SectyrHub RA/BA™ is a SaaS workflow solution that strengthens your compliance posture by enabling best practices and benchmarking consistent with HIPAA/HITECH requirements.

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SectyrHub 340B

SectyrHub 340B™ Software Transform the way you handle compliance for your 340B Program

Providing 340B covered entities a time-saving, yet comprehensive, intuitive workflow solution. Maintain a constant state of readiness so when your HRSA audit letter comes you can be prepared to respond with, “Come on in, we’re ready for you!”

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