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LicenseTrak® helps pharmacy director focus on primary source verification

Inconsistent primary source verification

“Five years ago, as the result of an accrediting survey, we found there was a lack of primary source verification for some of our employees,” said a pharmacy director for a large health system in the South Atlantic region. “At that time, for accreditation, we relied on a teammate who captured information with a homegrown system, paper, and computer spreadsheets.”

Risk in delegating responsibility for compliance

To help keep tabs on the licenses and records for her program’s pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, the pharmacy director turned to the health network’s human resources employees. The risk of a permit or contract lapsing fell on the shoulders of the pharmacy program, not HR, she says. While the pharmacy and HR department work alongside one another, the HR group’s systems aren’t integrated with the pharmacy director’s tools. Also, HR’s priorities necessarily drew its team’s attention to other areas. And not surprisingly, the pharmacy group had a greater sense of urgency about compliance vis-à-vis its pharmacies.

Efficiently tracking licensing details for hundreds of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians

The health system implemented Sectyr’s LicenseTrak compliance software in September 2019, initially for their outpatient and specialty pharmacies. It was recently expanded to the health system’s acute care pharmacies, too. She tracks the licenses for more than 300 pharmacists and pharmacy technicians as well as board of pharmacy permits, DEA documents, and pharmacy contracts. “We’re a large facility, so HR’s processes don’t always reach the depth of what we need to monitor, which is understandable,” added the pharmacy director. “LicenseTrak allows for that.”

Primary source verification at the forefront

LicenseTrak’s AutoVer option provides the pharmacy team with monthly and on-demand Office of Inspector General sanction checks and primary source verifications for pharmacy, nursing, medicine, and other license types. AutoVer eliminates the tedious manual effort involved with checking primary sources to verify license status and exclusions.

Automatic help for managing accreditation compliance

LicenseTrak also helps the pharmacy program managers meet and document their adherence to the strict standards of operation and care required by accreditation bodies such as Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) and the Utilization Review Accreditation Council (URAC). Their specialty pharmacies are required to be certified by both organizations because they are state-licensed facilities that provide medications for people with serious health conditions, requiring complex therapies.

LicenseTrak provides a customized, comprehensive accreditation task list and calendar to quickly show items to complete daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. When managers and staff add tasks, team members can immediately review these items. The software also fires off proactive notices via email before tasks are set to expire, or require action, which cuts the risk of missing anything. As the pharmacy program team adds tasks, LicenseTrak enables users to link supporting documents with each to-do item. Once added, LicenseTrak users can also filter tasks by location, assigned user, standard, and completion status.

24×7 visibility into compliance status

LicenseTrak provides visible performance status via dashboards and push reporting making all program requirements continuously available to all stakeholders. When the system’s users log in each week to LicenseTrak the first thing they see is the software’s dashboard. Across the dashboard, users can easily spot soon-to-expire licenses, overdue tasks, and other work earmarked as critical.

If we didn’t have LicenseTrak in place, we’d need .5 FTEs to manage our accreditations and licensing. LicenseTrak is a small price to pay to collectively have the information we need for running our program. 

Pharmacy Director
Large South Atlantic Region Health System

SectyrHub Solution

  • LicenseTrak License Management
  • LicenseTrak AutoVer
  • LicenseTrak Accreditation Management

Business Outcomes

  • Accountability
  • Visibility
  • Efficiency

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