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With LicenseTrak, HR pros and pharmacists get automatic help managing accreditation

Among its many service offerings, a Southwestern U.S.-based medication management solutions company helps hospitals, physician practices and federally qualified health centers set up and manage specialty pharmacies. The firm manages more than 50 pharmacies and about 300 employees (e.g., pharmacists and pharmacy technicians). As part of its implementation and services, the Southwest company makes sure a pharmacy’s licensure and pharmacists’ licenses are in order.

Sectyr SectyrHub LicenseTrak Customer Success Story

After learning about SectyrHub LicenseTrak® compliance software in October 2020, the company implemented the product. The solution combines tools for recording, tracking, and managing critical compliance items for pharmacies and other regulated businesses. The company’s HR group leans on SectyrHub LicenseTrak to manage specialty and retail pharmacists’ professional licenses, board of pharmacy permits, DEA documents, and contracts. HR team members use it to track the licenses for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians across multiples states and locations.

Tracking pharmacy licensure spurred the purchase of SectyrHub LicenseTrak, but the HR team also relies on the software’s Incident Tracking module to manage the process of reporting, reviewing, and resolving incident tickets. With SectyrHub LicenseTrak, a worker can document an incident at a pharmacy. A manager then receives an email and, in turn, assigns the case to the affected store. Next, an investigation begins. The software informs managers from when they first enter information through investigation, resolution, and closure.

“LicenseTrak’s Incident Management module gives our quality control team the details to analyze an incident,” adds one of the company’s HR specialists.

Using SectyrHub LicenseTrak, the HR team can show auditors that employee licenses are in order and education is on file. This helps the firm speed up accreditations from the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). “LicenseTrak ensures our team conducts primary source verifications in the appropriate timeframe, which is a URAC standard,” says the HR specialist.

The risks and rewards

Before SectyrHub LicenseTrak, the company says its HR group managed newly added clients by painstakingly entering data into spreadsheets to document the status of pharmacy licenses across multiple states, Medicaid permits, and whatever else a pharmacy or pharmacist needed for licensure. Managing by hand was unwieldy, and the team risked overlooking (or losing) data proving each pharmacy’s licenses were valid. If one of the more than 50 pharmacies’ state licenses lapses, the pharmacy can’t fill prescriptions for patients in that state. If a pharmacist’s license expires, the person cannot work.

“If we didn’t have LicenseTrak, we’d need one, maybe two, FTE to track everything,” says one of the company’s HR specialists. “The complexity and volume of managing what we’re tracking makes a manual process unfeasible.”

According to the company’s HR team, there is no limit to the number of pharmacies, pharmacists, and licenses they can keep track of with SectyrHub LicenseTrak. The software helps the firm grow as it adds employees, locations. “LicenseTrak helps us sustain that growth,” one of the company’s HR specialists says.

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