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Sectyr SectyrHub 340B Video Overview

Do you worry about millions of dollars in paybacks waiting to be found in a HRSA audit? What if you could make compliance easy while minimizing the risk of costly paybacks and continue to grow your program using an intuitive and automated application?

You can… with SectyrHub® 340B.

Leveraging the SectyrHub® platform, SectyrHub 340B is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that combines best practice and rules-based guided workflows to support audit readiness and Continuous Program Compliance®. SectyrHub 340B creates a Pro-active compliance environment and multidisciplinary collaboration center with workflows, documentation, and ultimate visibility into your program management.

Easy-to-use features include:

• centralized audit workflows using machine learning,
• smart data aggregation of all your 340B data from TPAs, auditors, and continuous updates with the latest program information,
• detailed guided workflows for HRSA audits, mock audits and recertification,
• creating a single source of truth for all program information,
• and executive dashboards for real-time program visibility.

Make compliance easy and don’t risk losing your program benefit due to manual processes and collaboration challenges. Be confident your audit preparation is already done while maintaining Continuous Program Compliance™… with SectyrHub 340B.

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