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Pharmacies prepare for revisions to USP 797

For pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and other staff, a clock is counting down to November 1, 2023, and revisions to USP 797. That’s the date by which the United States Pharmacopeia Convention, or USP, has set for implementing changes to USP Chapter 797. USP 797 outlines requirements and procedures for compounding sterile drugs – among the riskiest duties undertaken by pharmacists on behalf of their patients. The convention first put in place USP 797 on January 1, 2004. The chapter sets forth a standard of practice for pharmacists. And the authors originally wrote this section to “prevent patient harm and fatality from microbial contamination (nonsterility), excessive bacterial endotoxins, large content errors in the strength of correct ingredients, and incorrect ingredients in CSPs.” Industry pundits say there are mixed feelings among pharmacy professionals for the latest revisions.… Read More »Pharmacies prepare for revisions to USP 797

What are the Licensing Requirements for Pharmacies to Stay Compliant?

Many healthcare related facilities such as pharmacies are regulated heavily and must obtain multiple state and federally issued licenses. While registration and licensing requirements are only a portion of the regulatory hurdles pharmacies must overcome, it is crucial to meet these requirements in order to receive and maintain the legal right to operate a pharmacy. Through the use of our LicenseTrak® pharmacy compliance software, you can achieve and maintain compliance with crucial certification licensing requirements for various positions. When it comes to new pharmacies, the first step toward meeting registration requirements is often the formation of a business entity. Pharmacy Licensing and Permits After a business entity has been created, a pharmacy can start the application process for licenses and permits which is usually carried out through the board of pharmacy in a particular state.… Read More »What are the Licensing Requirements for Pharmacies to Stay Compliant?