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Here’s how to make managing learning part of one continuous compliance program

By Craig Frost

In prior posts, I wrote about the importance of having compliance management software that manages licenses, incidents, and tasks. Add to those critical elements a fourth: learning management. Some organizations today are turning to one system for achieving Continuous Program Compliance® and managing learning in the process.

NuCara, which owns more than 30 full-service community-based pharmacies and 10 medical equipment locations across Texas and the Upper Midwest, overhauled its mostly paper-based methods for assigning and tracking by putting in place an automated process via SectyrHub® LicenseTrak® compliance software, which manages licenses, incidents, tasks, and learning. Managers for NuCara say the company could always produce its training records. But, the labor to tackle the job added hours of work for the compliance team to gather documents to show accreditors the company’s completed education.

With SectyrHub LicenseTrak, NuCara’s HR department assigns education tasks to the company’s staff from a single location, while tracking who completes CE. Having a centralized and automated solution for assigning, tracking, and reporting on learning underpinned NuCara’s effort to gain accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, the company’s managers say.

Users of SectyrHub LicenseTrak’s learning management module say it is unique because the software can keep tabs on CE assignments and completions as well as track licenses, registrations, and non-CE training. Competing systems can track licenses. But, many pharmacies, for example, are still burdened by creating spreadsheets and reminders to track CE requirements, assign training, follow up on the outcome, and mind the status of licenses, certifications, and registrations.

Damien Center, Indiana’s largest HIV/AIDS service organization, also uses SectyrHub LicenseTrak. Damien Center’s director of pharmacy services says he and staff can easily document that workers have successfully completed annual HIPAA training, classes for first responders, and state licensure through the Association of Social Work Boards.

“Using LicenseTrak to manage licenses and continuing education takes some buy-in from employees; but once we gained that, the system has been great,” says Brad Plunkett, director of Pharmacy Services. “The software has a lot of capabilities for reminding our staff about pending training and renewing licenses, so nobody is tasked with constantly sending email.”

Whether you operate pharmacies, a clinic, or another type of business outside of healthcare, you can make compliance efficient with software that assigns courses and marks them complete right in the system. In fact, Sectyr’s partnership with CEimpact, an industry leader in pharmacy education, means pharmacies subscribing to SectyrHub LicenseTrak can pick courseware from CEimpact’s collection of ACPE-accredited pharmacy education and other healthcare compliance education. With a system like SectyrHub LicenseTrak, you can host compliance-related courseware, specialized accredited CE courses, and your custom courseware.

When you are responsible for compliance, your priorities range from audit readiness to incident response and all manner of things between. You also ensure your workforce knows about (and complies with) a complex mix of regulations and policies. Training does not end there. Staff must stay abreast of professional developments and best practices. Compliance also means accounting for continuing education and other training. With so much to do, what you don’t need is yet another piece of software to log in and out of to manage what your coworkers need to learn.