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Automatically managing licenses is a linchpin for keeping complex business running

Many pharmacy managers find themselves struggling to keep track of which licenses are active and in good standing. Without license management functionality, they must check multiple sources for status and find themself scrambling to see upcoming tasks. Why spend valuable time sending emails to remind colleagues about due dates and hunting for information about licenses?

With LicenseTrak, HR pros and pharmacists get automatic help managing accreditation

“If we didn’t have LicenseTrak, we’d need one, maybe two, FTE to track everything,” says one of the company’s HR specialists. “The complexity and volume of managing what we’re tracking makes a manual process unfeasible.”

According to the company’s HR team, there is no limit to the number of pharmacies, pharmacists, and licenses they can keep track of with SectyrHub LicenseTrak. The software helps the firm grow as it adds employees, locations. “LicenseTrak helps us sustain that growth,” one of the company’s HR specialists says.

Avera taps Sectyr LicenseTrak for compliance trifecta

Sioux Falls, S.D.-based Avera Health serves patients across South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and North Dakota through its 37 hospitals, 215 clinics, 40 senior living facilities and more. The integrated health system cares for nearly one million patients across 72,000 square miles. As the health ministry of the Benedictine Sisters of Yankton, S.D., and the Presentation Sisters of Aberdeen, S.D., Avera encourages its 20,000 employees to live by the Gospel values of compassion, hospitality, and stewardship. Although Avera’s tagline is “moving health forward,” Avera Pharmacies, part of Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center, found moving forward with license renewals arduous. Struggling to track licensing, accreditations, and incidents With spreadsheets, paper checklists and manual tabulations, the pharmacy tracked critical license renewals largely by hand. The pharmacy’s compliance coordinator felt the system would eventually fail in… Read More »Avera taps Sectyr LicenseTrak for compliance trifecta

Damien Center automatically manages licenses, accreditations and more

Indianapolis-based Damien Center “is Indiana’s oldest and largest AIDS service organization (ASO).” The center, founded in 1987, provides healthcare and education to more than 8,000 individuals living with and at risk for HIV. Damien Center is also a Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grantee, so the clinic receives federal funding to treat and care for those living with HIV who have little or no insurance. The HIV/AIDS Bureau, part of the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration, administers the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.

“We wanted one solution to track not only our pharmacy’s regulatory documents, like our DEA license, but also insurance policies and licenses for providers,” says Brad Plunkett, director of Pharmacy Services for Damien Center. “We were using multiple systems to do it.

“We worked with a consultancy, and they had software that automated some of our needs,” Plunkett adds. “I’d heard of LicenseTrak, explored it, and thought, ‘Ok, we can use this across our platforms.’”

Four tools for taking the anxiety out of accreditation

By Craig Frost When people raise the topic of accreditation, the word often causes anxiety. But why? Accreditation is a way to prove a pharmacy meets a baseline of competencies. To become accredited, a pharmacy will have policies and procedures in place, certain equipment, and capabilities in its facility to meet the standards of the accrediting body. Accreditation can also be a prerequisite for payment. For instance, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services turn to the Joint Commission, a deemed status provider for accreditation, to accredit healthcare provider organizations. If a pharmacy fails accreditation by the Joint Commission or other deemed status provider, then CMS must consider whether to exclude the pharmacy. CMS may send a Medicare surveyor to take a closer look. So, in this case, accreditation, or the lack thereof, can get… Read More »Four tools for taking the anxiety out of accreditation

National Infusion Center Association and Sectyr Ink Deal to Expand NICA Accreditation Program, SectyrHub LicenseTrak

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – November 14, 2023 – Sectyr, a leader in SaaS-based compliance software for healthcare, has partnered with the National Infusion Center Association (NICA) Accreditation Program. SectyrHub LicenseTrak® compliance software provides a solution which infusion centers can rely on for tracking the NICA Standards of Excellence for Ambulatory Infusion Centers by which they earn and maintain NICA Accreditation. “Our customers rely on LicenseTrak to track staff and facility licensing, contracts, training, and incident reports and a wide variety of compliance-related tasks,” says Craig Frost, RPh, MBA, FACHE, president and chief operating officer for Sectyr. “Our relationship with NICA allows us to now offer a one-stop-shop for managing the evidence of compliance documentation required to meet and maintain all NICA accreditation standards.” The NICA Standards of Excellence for Ambulatory Infusion Centers represent the first comprehensive… Read More »National Infusion Center Association and Sectyr Ink Deal to Expand NICA Accreditation Program, SectyrHub LicenseTrak

SectyrHub LicenseTrak helps pharmacy owner leverage time, maintain accreditations

In 2019, NuCara switched from using mostly paper-based methods for assigning and tracking its training to an automated process via SectyrHub LicenseTrak compliance software. According to Barker, while NuCara could produce its records, with a largely manual process, his team always found it difficult to gather documentation to show accreditors and other interested parties the company’s completed education.

Powers Law’s Bill von Oehsen, Sectyr’s Craig Frost say Compliance Now Paramount for 340B

For part two of Sectyr’s live webinar series focused on how to improve 340B program accountability, 340B legal expert Bill von Oehsen joined Sectyr President and COO Craig Frost in a wide-ranging discussion about the program’s past, present and future. Von Oehsen’s experience stretches back to the beginning of the 340B program, for which he played a key role in crafting the legislation to establish the program and expand the law in 2010 under the Affordable Care Act. According to von Oehsen, the story of the 340B program has two chapters, divided by the passage of the ACA. Chapter one was educating the public and covered entities about the program. In chapter two, compliance has become paramount. Not only do covered entities now have to worry about their compliance status for audits by the U.S.… Read More »Powers Law’s Bill von Oehsen, Sectyr’s Craig Frost say Compliance Now Paramount for 340B