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The 340B Program problem:  Achieving around-the-clock compliance

When asked what’s top of mind for a 340B Drug Pricing program manager , she said, “Knowing if I’m compliant today and if I would survive a HRSA audit without issue if that occurred next week.” The program manager went on to say that “Maintaining and protecting our 340B benefit is extremely important to our profitability.” Maintaining compliance every day and guarding profitability takes a complex balance of foresight and fortitude. Navigating the requirements requires equal parts insight and resources. To help bring that insight, we’re launching a 10-part blog series today that aims to examine not only the challenges to complying with the 340B program but also strategies and tactics for making it easier to do so. Continually complying with the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration requirements is a linchpin for avoiding the… Read More »The 340B Program problem:  Achieving around-the-clock compliance

Continuous Program Compliance® moves into the Federally Qualified Health Center field

Scottsdale, AZ. (April 28, 2021) Sectyr®, a leading provider of 340B Program management solutions, today announced the first release of the new SectyrHub® 330 HRSA grant compliance tool for Federally Qualified Health Centers and Look-Alikes. Guided workflows walk staff through all required elements of compliance and dashboards help highlight anything that needs to be addressed. Once full compliance is achieved it’s easy to maintain through innovative continuous compliance tasking that can be tailored to meet the needs of each health center. SectyrHub® 330 also makes program oversight a breeze for busy executives with dashboards that track deficiencies and show who across the organization is responsible for which parts of the program. When it’s time for the Operational Site Visit, SecytrHub® 330 has tools to help make preparation quick and easy. In addition to helping select documents, the tool includes a feature to prepare the staff for meetings with the HRSA reviewers. In the case that there are any conditions as a… Read More »Continuous Program Compliance® moves into the Federally Qualified Health Center field