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Intrepid USA saves hours of work, prevents financial penalties by managing licenses with SectyrHub LicenseTrak

Intrepid USA, Inc., which does business as Intrepid USA Healthcare Services, is a national company with a local perspective, providing personal care, healthcare at home, palliative and supportive care, and hospice-at-home services. Intrepid provides care through more than 60 care centers across 14 states. To keep patients living independently in their homes, Intrepid offers an array of services (e.g., pre-, and post-operative care, hygiene, companionship, medication management, housekeeping, and hospice). According to Intrepid’s website, employees and leaders commit themselves to a comprehensive compliance program including education, training, and monitoring for delivering quality services. Before implementing SectyrHub® LicenseTrak® compliance management software, Intrepid staff members say the company relied on computer spreadsheets and handwritten reminders. At each of the Texas-based company’s locations, an Intrepid staffer would have to enter a primary contact for a business license, document… Read More »Intrepid USA saves hours of work, prevents financial penalties by managing licenses with SectyrHub LicenseTrak

With LicenseTrak, HR pros and pharmacists get automatic help managing accreditation

“If we didn’t have LicenseTrak, we’d need one, maybe two, FTE to track everything,” says one of the company’s HR specialists. “The complexity and volume of managing what we’re tracking makes a manual process unfeasible.”

According to the company’s HR team, there is no limit to the number of pharmacies, pharmacists, and licenses they can keep track of with SectyrHub LicenseTrak. The software helps the firm grow as it adds employees, locations. “LicenseTrak helps us sustain that growth,” one of the company’s HR specialists says.

SectyrHub LicenseTrak helps pharmacy owner leverage time, maintain accreditations

In 2019, NuCara switched from using mostly paper-based methods for assigning and tracking its training to an automated process via SectyrHub LicenseTrak compliance software. According to Barker, while NuCara could produce its records, with a largely manual process, his team always found it difficult to gather documentation to show accreditors and other interested parties the company’s completed education.

Georgia Primary Care Association taps SectyrHub 330 for continuous compliance

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 31, 2023 / — Sectyr, a leader in SaaS-based compliance software for healthcare, is providing its SectryHub compliance software platform to the Georgia Primary Care Association, so the association’s member health centers can protect grant benefits derived from Section 330 of the Public Health Service Act. GPCA includes 35 health centers–34 of which are Federally Qualified Health Centers and one FQHC look-alike–serving 650,000 patients. “SectyrHub saves and tracks what’s needed to stay continually compliant.“ — Jan Wilkerson, RN, CPHQ, a manager for Quality, Risk & Compliance at GPCA SectyrHub provides a health center team with a complete management solution including documentation, tasking, workflow, and visualization tools for executive management. The software informs users around the clock about the state of their compliance with U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration requirements… Read More »Georgia Primary Care Association taps SectyrHub 330 for continuous compliance

How to take the complexity out of 340B Program compliance

Whether you’re a veteran 340B Program manager or entering the field, the 340B landscape is complex and constantly changing. Keeping up with new requirements, regulations, and technology is one part of the job. Accounting for the status of an organization’s level of compliance is another piece. But monitoring 340B compliance status should not be a manual process. If that’s happening, 340B Program managers can fall behind on what really matters–directing their team, spotting risks, and finding opportunities for the program. Sectyr’s SectyrHub 340B software serves as the “air traffic control” for a 340B compliance program. With ever-changing 340B Program requirements, a 340B Program team can be overwhelmed by handling paperwork and records to maintain compliance. Increased scrutiny of the 340B Program by media, Congress, and drug makers only makes keeping up with requests and, potentially,… Read More »How to take the complexity out of 340B Program compliance

The 340B Program problem:  Achieving around-the-clock compliance

When asked what’s top of mind for a 340B Drug Pricing program manager, she said, “Knowing if I’m compliant today and if I would survive a HRSA audit without issue if that occurred next week.” The program manager went on to say that “Maintaining and protecting our 340B benefit is extremely important to our profitability.” Maintaining compliance every day and guarding profitability takes a complex balance of foresight and fortitude. Navigating the requirements requires equal parts insight and resources. To help bring that insight, we’re launching a 10-part blog series today that aims to examine not only the challenges to complying with the 340B Program but also strategies and tactics for making it easier to do so. Continually complying with the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration requirements is a linchpin for avoiding the financial… Read More »The 340B Program problem:  Achieving around-the-clock compliance

Continuous Program Compliance moves into the Federally Qualified Health Center field

Sectyr®, a leading provider of 340B Program management solutions, today announced the first release of the new SectyrHub® 330 HRSA grant compliance tool for Federally Qualified Health Centers and Look-Alikes. Guided workflows walk staff through all required elements of compliance and dashboards help highlight anything that needs to be addressed. Once full compliance is achieved it’s easy to maintain through innovative continuous compliance tasking that can be tailored to meet the needs of each health center.